One-click user support

The virtual helpdesk is a one click icon that immediately connects the employee to a Rakata technician allowing both parties to discuss the problem and if necessary the Rakata technician will take control of the PC and fix immediately.  This process provides real customer satisfaction and minimizes the time taken to fix customer problems.  It also reduces the time your employees are not conducting core business and eliminates the need to contact the local IT expert.

Support for everything

From network support to remote backup and disaster recovery, we have flexible IT support solution to meet every budget and timeframe. Rakata operate 24 hours per day across the whole of the UK.  Below is a list of just some the services we provide:

Desktop support
Server support
Office 365
Installation services
VPN & Remote services
Citrix solutions
Client/Server solutions
Lotus Domino support
MS Exchange support
Internet services
Portal Development and hosting
Application support
File & Print server support
Data Cable services

Proactive infrastructure support

Rakata’s proactive maintenance of a customer network will improve their productivity, increase the reliability of their systems, and quite possibly save them money in IT support costs.

For Rakata, a Proactive Maintenance Plan includes:

  • Monitoring all server event logs
  • Monitoring for proper AV updates and activity
  • Monitoring backup status, whether on-site or remote
  • Monitoring firewall activity, hack/spam relay attempts
  • Monitoring system bottlenecks (system processes, processor/ram utilization, etc.)
  • Monitoring application services (Exchange, ISA, IIS, etc.)
  • Real-time Inventory collection and web-based reporting
  • Remote support for most issues
  • Monitoring is performed 24x7x365 by sending an email or SMS alert whenever an event occurs that needs attention.


Contact Us

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Glasgow: +441412125894


Bristol Office:
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Glasgow Office:
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